As the host of Casa Portagioia, we had the pleasure of being the guests of one of the episodes of the Polak Potrafi  program ( A Pole Can Do) broadcasted on the ZoomTV channel. We told about how we got to this beautiful place, and also how it is to live in Italy.

The Polak Potrafi program is broadcasted on ZoomTV in Poland. In each episode, the television crew visits Poles living permanently abroad. Our countrymen living in South America, Europe and Asia told about their lives. We had the pleasure to tell you about our life in Italy.

Ania na schodach naszego włoskiego Domu.
Ania on the stairs of our House
Casa Portagioia z lotu ptaka (drona :-)
Casa Portagioia from the air

„We have been dreaming of moving to Italy for many years. All of our friends and relatives knew about this dream. We were learning the language, we took every opportunity to go to this beautiful country. Finally, luck smiled on us and we got an offer to run Casa Portagioia”

That’s more or less how our story in the program began 🙂 But that was just the beginning. It was very exciting to be involved in the creation of a television programme. It is true that we both have worked in the media and PR, but for the first time we were the heroes.

Over the course of a few days, we took the team on a journey through our lives in beautiful Tuscany. We showed our favorite places and showed around Castiglion Fiorentino. We also showed what our work is all about. And since it was the season of harvesting olives, we also went to a befriended mill where we press our olive oil.

Patryk and Liviero are waiting for the first oil from our olives.
Roberto, one friendly neighbor. Always helpful, always smiling.

What captivated us very much was the fact that the TV crew wanted to show our Italian friends. Social relations are extremely important in this country. According to some studies, they have a significant impact on the longevity of Italians.

So we had breakfast together in a nearby bar where we met our neighbors. We visited local small family businesses we work with. Finally, we also met Super Mario, the mayor of Castiglion Fiorentino. This character is interesting enough to have a separate entry here 🙂

Working on this document was not difficult. The merit is the professionalism of the television crew. A great plus was the excellent knowledge of Italian by Jacek, the program’s producer and director. In fact, thanks to the guys, it was a great pleasure and fun for us to shoot this material. Therefore, they deserve a huge thank you!

Naturally, the appearance of the television crew created a lot of interest in the area. Thanks to this, we became local celebrities for a while 🙂 Fortunately, it did not last long and we were able to return to normal functioning.

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